Your Business processes can be digitalized with our expertise in Odoo.

Whether you need a quick solution or have specific processes that need to be optimised, we are your partner to implement Odoo solutions.

Professional With our extensive background in serving clients across multiple sectors, we stand as a dependable ally for our active users.

Flexible Our deep understanding of Odoo's vast functionalities ensures that we can tailor solutions that best fit your specific requirements.

Reliable Having completed over 25 implementations, Linkup is the foremost Odoo implementer in South Korea and a reliable expert committed to addressing your business's essential needs.


stands out as the preimer Odoo Korea implementation partner dedicated to elevating your business. 

Our experts are well-versed in your industry and communicate effectively in your language. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your business processes to pinpoint exactly how Odoo can create impactful changes.

Quick Start or Customized Solutiuon?

Odoo allows you to integrate all your business operations into a single software system. Are you looking to immediately implement an idustry-specific, ready-to-use solution? Or would you rather have a package custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of your company? We will work with you to assess your business management and identify the most efficient approach to streamline your processes within your organization.

We are here to work for

Is your invative company ready for expansion? We're here to help streamline your business structure, allowing you to concentrate on your operations. Odoo provides a comprehensive array of software modules suitable for both small and large organizations. Because settings up an ERP system is a detailed and demanding process, we offer support to every team member involved, guaranteeing a smooth integration.

We're in this together

We are committed to enhancing the efficiency of your business management through Odoo. Leveraging our experience across diverse sectors and industries, we are expertly positioned to offer you optimal support. This allows you to concentrate on the most important aspects of your business.

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